Information and Medical Droid


Species: Droid
Series: BX series Battle Droid
Serial Number: BX-C773R
Career: Colonist
Specialisation: Doctor

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
1 2 5 1 1 2
WT ST XP Unused XP
11 14 175 275 275 0


Skill Rank Ability
Charm 1 2
Computers 1 5
Knowledge (Core Worlds) 2 5
Knowledge (Education) 2 5
Knowledge (Lore) 2 5
Knowledge (Outer Rim) 3 5
Knowledge (Underworld) 3 5
Knowledge (Xenology) 3 5
Mechanics 3 5
Medicine 3 5
Negotiation 1 2
Resilience 1 1
Streetwise 1 1


Talent Rank
Combat Inept Special
Surgeon 3
Stim Application 1
Resolve 2
Grit 4
Bacta Specialist 2
Natural Doctor 1
Master Doctor 1
Dedication 1
Supreme Full Throttle 1


Stim Packs, Surgical tools.


Built-in Blaster Damage 5 Crit 4 Range: Medium
BX-C773R always gets 2 Despair dice and 3 set back dice made for combat checks.

BX-C773R was produced during the Clone Wars. Although programmed for assassinations, he was never a very efficient killer. To date he has still not managed to kill a single clone trooper. He proved to be a liability when he occasionally damaged another battle droid. He was reprogrammed with repairing other battle droids. His assassination programming combined with the maintenance programming made him an efficient medic as well.

After the Clone Wars he was floating on a derelict that was descending towards Tatooine. When the ship crashed, the Jawas were the first on the scene and discovered the mangled BX-C773R. The Jawas used what spare parts the had to rebuild him before he managed to escape.

He still has the head of a BX Series battle droid. His torso is that of a B1-Series droid. His is propelled on caterpillar tracks, connected to his torso by reverse joint legs. He has three appendages, one surgical apparatus and a universal tool arm, and a B2 Series Battle droid arm, complete with a built in blaster.


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