Lost Hope

Prey? It's not so.

had dream of short green guy who spoke backwards. ‘Go to Tatooine. Find holicron’ or something like that. It didn’t quite feel like a dream however. felt like i should take notice and follow it.
So since i was on the run again why not go there.
So there i was sitting in some dive in Mos Eisly waiting for a being called Chrys Ler. But all i get is a droid called LE-V0 and some nerfless twits who decide to arrest us both and the grounds of public nucense and resisting arrest. So i oblige and resist them. Woke up in a cell surrounded by others including LE-V0. One of the other cell occupants says that we shouldn’t get comfy and that we will be escaping soon but doesn’t really know how.
I get interrogated about holicrons and the force. how the hell did they know?
Nothing left but to break us out. Levo gets me to turn another droid on who opens the cell door after almost killing us and threatening to do so later.
Hashyyk a wookie gets the forcefield opened and we get out. On the way we bump in to a few guards, nick their stuff, get our stuff and get out.
We are now on our way the Anchorhead. Levo wants to find some satellite. Maybe he can help me if i help him.


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