Obligation, Duty and Morality

All characters need to have either an obligation or a duty. Obviously duty background, is required if the character is a part of the Rebellion. Having both is an option at character creation. The characters are likely to get both during the course of the game (probably due to stealing stuff from criminal empires).

Everyone will have a morality score. Non-force sensitive characters start with a score of 50.

The characters obligation, duty and morality will be displayed here.

Name Morality Morality Type Obligation Obligation Type Duty Duty Type Contribution Rank Team Contribution
Rost 64 5 Debt 7 Intelligence 0 2
LE-V0 N/A N/A 5 Criminal 11 Sabotage 0 2
Xa Su 61 Justice 5 Bounty 3 Sabotage 0 2
Kris 56 5 Counter Intelligence 0 2

Obligation, Duty and Morality

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