Atlas Voidwalker

Officer in the Imperial Army


Species: Human
Homeworld: Aldaraan
Career: Spy
Specialisation: Infiltrator

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 3 3 2 2 3
WT ST Xt XP Earned XP Used XP Unused XP
12 14 110 275 275 0


Skill Rank Ability
Brawl 3 2
Cool 1 2
Deception 2 3
Discipline 1 2
Ranged (Light) 1 3
Skulduggery 2 2
Stealth 2 3
Vigilance 1 2


Talent Rank
Grit 3
Defensive Stance 2
Dodge 2
Frenzied Attack 2
Jump Up 1
Knockdown 1
Soft Spot 1
Stunning Blow 1
Toughened 1
Natural Brawler 1
Natural Rogue 1
Improved Stunning Blow 1
Dedication 1

Born on Aldaraan Atlas grew up wanting to be a Starfigther pilot. Despite her pacifist parents wishes she joined the Imperial Academy as soon as she was old enough. She shared a shuttle on the way with Tycho Celchu, and the two became fast friends. When she arrived at the Academy, she was not sent with Tycho to the Starfighter training like she wanted but to Imperial Intelligence. She was posted to the boring world of Tatooine, where she has been struggling to be recognised under Valliant. She has considered leaving the service of the Empire after the destruction of Aldaraan.

Atlas Voidwalker

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